Rejected Visa Application: How to Apply for a Review

Whether you are applying for an Australian visa for business, academic, or vacation purposes, a letter of rejection can be frustrating and disheartening. A rejection can halt your travel plans or even make you lose an investment opportunity. Often, applicants are given a specified period to apply for a review after rejection. If you do not act within this period, the decision by the Department of Immigration to reject your visa application will be final. Read More 

The Benefits of Having a Registered Trademark

While using a trademark does not necessarily require a formal registration, there are several benefits of going through the formal process. You can do it yourself, of course, using an online application. The ideal method, though, is to hire a business lawyer to help you. A professional can help with the search process (to make sure the trademark doesn't already belong to another business) and handle all of the necessary paperwork, such as information about your business, your product or service, and of course what type of Trademark you want. Read More 

Why Your Tech Company Needs a Trade Secrets Audit

The biggest asset of your tech company is the ideas behind every invention that you have presented to the market. It is very important that you protect those ideas because the continued success of your company depends on the competitive edge that those ideas give you. This article discusses some reasons why you may need to conduct a trade secrets audit so that you can proactively protect your intellectual assets. Read More 

Can An Adoption Be Reversed?

Adoption serves to place a child under the care of adoptive parents who wish to provide care for the youngster. However, adoption may fail to work out in some cases for one reason or another. This begs the question: can an adoption be reversed? Read on to find out. Disrupting an adoption There are instances where the decision to halt the adoption may happen before the actual finalization of the adoption process. Read More 

Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit can ensure that your medical bills are paid after an accident, and you may be entitled to compensation for other damages. Your lawyer can give you direct advice on how to protect your case and ensure you get all the money to which you're entitled, but many plaintiffs make simple mistakes that can actually cause them to lose their own case. Note a few of those mistakes here so you can be sure to avoid them yourself. Read More