Understanding Statutory Rape

In case you or a family member is a victim of statutory rape, you need to consult a criminal lawyer. Rape cases are very tricky, and if you are not persistent, the guilty party could easily get away with the crime. The following is a basic background of what statutory rape entails. What is Statutory Rape? This refers to sexual relations that involve someone who is under the age of consent. Read More 

Criminal Trial Procedure

Criminal trials can be long and tiresome, especially if you do not know the procedure. If you are the defendant in such a case, you will be better off knowing what to expect. The entire process is summed up in five key parts: Jury Selection and Opening Statements In jury selection, your lawyer and the prosecutor work together with a judge to determine the best candidate for the task. Each juror is asked some questions by the lawyers to determine whether they are objective. Read More 

How Much Is Your Personal Injury Case Worth

Have you recently been in an accident and are trying to claim personal injury compensation, but don't know how much you are going to get? Typically, in a personal injury case there will be standard factors that determine what the final payout will be. By understanding what these are you might have a rough idea of what amount you can expect to get before the case even begins. Emotional Distress Read More