How To Consult With Your Conveyancer

Conveyancers are legal experts specialising in property transfers. Unfortunately, novice real estate investors do not understand what to expect after hiring these professionals or how to consult with them. Below is an extract detailing how to consult with a conveyancer. 

Explain Your Needs

From the onset, you must explain to the conveyancer your needs. For instance, do you intend to purchase or sell a property? What kind of help do you need? For example, you might need the conveyancer to conduct a title search, perform background research on the seller or buyer and negotiate the property price or selling conditions. The general rule is to ensure your conveyancer has the expertise to offer these services. For example, conduct due diligence by assessing their reputation and training. 

Ask The Conveyancer About The Services They Offer

Conveyancers offer a wide range of services. However, clients do not realise that they could significantly benefit from the additional services provided by conveyancers. For example, your conveyancer can conduct due diligence on the property. Simply put, they can assess the history of people who have lived on the property, inform you about property renovations, and check property easements and regulations detailing how you can use the property. Moreover, the professional sanctions inspections to determine structural issues on the property and whether it complies with the building code. 

These services come in handy since they help reduce indecisiveness as you purchase or sell a property. For instance, you could increase the asking price if you realise a prominent individual once occupied your property. As a buyer, you might decide to back out of a sale if you discover the property has an easement that prevents you from using the driveway or enjoying the landscape.  

Negotiate Conveyancing Costs 

Most clients forget to negotiate the conveyancing costs. Therefore, they become disappointed when they realise the conveyancer's quote is higher than they initially anticipated. The best approach would be to ask the professional to draw a quote before they commence the conveyancing process. This way, you have a good shot at negotiating costs since you can pit one conveyancer against the other. Alternatively, you could ask the conveyancer to offer complimentary services such as property inspections and house visits. It is a sure way to get value for your money. 

Always Ask For Conveyancing Advice 

As a rule, you should seek conveyancing advice before making any decision. For example, a property seller could approach you behind your conveyancer's back with a lower offer. Unknown to you, the property could have severe defects, or the contract of sale could have unreasonable terms. You must also consult the conveyancer about your mortgage options. The professional informs you about the various products on the market and offers insights into mortgage negotiation strategies. 

Speak to a conveyancing solicitor to find out more.