How Can a Will and Estate Lawyer Help You?

Generally, a will and estate lawyer can help by guiding you through all the will writing process stages. The following includes these stages and how the will and estate lawyer will be of assistance.

Will and Estate Advice

Of course, having not written a will before or been around when one is being written, you might not know where to start or what you need to consider. A will and estate lawyer will sit down with you to discuss and understand your estate, which helps them know how to offer the best advice and guidance.

The will and estate lawyer tries to understand the size of your estate, the loved ones in your life, your health state and that of your loved ones, the wealth you own and that which you share with other individuals, the terms of your business dealings and how they may affect your wealth or estate, tax consequences, etc.

Gathering Documents Required When Writing a Will

Once your will and estate lawyer gets the information required to help you phrase/write your will, they will help you gather the required documents.

The phrasing of a will is important; it utilises legal language that ensures no loopholes are created. Individuals who dispute wills can use these loopholes to claim that they should have been included in your will. This is also something that your will and estate lawyer will discuss with you. Expect a question like whether you have or have had any relationships outside your marriage that would cause problems when your will is being executed. Do not lie to your lawyer; a simple lie could make your loved ones lose their inheritance.

Choosing a Will Executor

Your will needs to be executed by a credible person you trust. Let your will and estate lawyer help you choose that person. In most cases, the person is usually a lawyer; this lawyer must be authorised by a court to execute your will.

Choosing Witnesses

During a will dispute case, a will dispute lawyer may try to prove that you were coerced into writing your will. The lawyer may also try to prove that you were not of sound mind at the time of writing the will. Having credible witnesses eliminates the chances of a will dispute lawyer winning a case under those circumstances. Your will and estate lawyer will help you choose credible witnesses; they might be lawyers or a notary public.

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