Do You Need a Traffic Lawyer for a DUI Charge?

Being charged with the offence of driving under the influence can leave you with an insurmountable sense of dread. And because a majority of traffic offences do not see a day in court, you could be confused as to whether you require legal help or if all you need to do is pay your fine. The reality of DUI offences is that it is always best to have a traffic lawyer on your side. Traffic lawyers will specialise in offences that occur on the roads, so if you want to position yourself to have a fair outcome, then you should call a solicitor immediately. Here is a list of three reasons why you need a traffic lawyer for your DUI charge.

A traffic lawyer will coach you for your day in court

When the traffic police charge you with a DUI offence, it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove beyond any doubt that you were not only in operation of the motor vehicle but that you were inebriated when doing so. While this may sound like an open and shut case, there are numerous situations where the case falls through merely because the evidence in either of the categories mentioned above does not build the prosecutor's case.

Therefore, it is imperative to avoid any self-incriminatory statements that will put the evidence against you. Having a traffic lawyer represent you helps minimise the risk that you will mistakenly say something in court that could incriminate you and subsequently lose the case.

A traffic lawyer will provide you with professional expertise

If this is your first DUI charge, chances are you will have no idea about the ins and outs of your case. Hence, choosing to represent yourself means you will be at a disadvantage when navigating the labyrinth of traffic law. A solicitor, on the other hand, will likely have dealt with a multitude of DUI cases in their legal career. Therefore, they will know how best to represent you in court, negotiate with the prosecutors and even have all the necessary paperwork ready.

A traffic lawyer will get you a fair sentence

Although hiring a traffic lawyer is not a guarantee that you will go scot-free, it is a measure towards getting an amenable sentence. DUI fines can be incredibly expensive and if you are in dire financial straits, having a lawyer can help in avoiding a hefty fine. Overall, by investing your money in hiring a traffic lawyer, you are more likely to prevent the worst possible sentence.