Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Your Personal Injury Lawsuit

A personal injury lawsuit can ensure that your medical bills are paid after an accident, and you may be entitled to compensation for other damages. Your lawyer can give you direct advice on how to protect your case and ensure you get all the money to which you're entitled, but many plaintiffs make simple mistakes that can actually cause them to lose their own case. Note a few of those mistakes here so you can be sure to avoid them yourself.

1. Talk about the case on social media

You may want to update your friends and family about your case and even about your injuries, but you should never say anything in writing and publicly about the case. This is because you may say something that contradicts statements you made to police or in court, and you may be seen as less than honest. In turn, you may lose your case altogether. Don't assume that what you say on social media sites is private but remember that they can often be found by lawyers and used against you in court, if necessary.

2. Lie to your lawyer

Your lawyer is obligated to keep everything you say to him or her confidential, and they need to know everything about your case to represent you properly. It's never a good idea to lie to your lawyer even if you assume that your lie will help your case or that the truth makes you look bad. Always be honest with your lawyer and then he or she can decide on the best plan for your case.

3. Try to represent yourself

You might think you have an open and shut case when it comes to your personal injury or may think you can argue the law because you've seen legal dramas on television, but trying to represent yourself can be a mistake. One thing to consider is that the other party may have many questions for you and which you may not be expecting or able to answer. They may question your own conduct that may have contributed to your injury, question your sobriety at the time of a car accident, and so on. While not every question may be allowed by a judge, you may not be prepared for what is presented in court by the other party.

Good personal injury lawyers, however, will have experience in knowing how to present your side of the case and in responding to those on the other side. This will increase your chances of a favorable outcome for you.