When to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer

Accidents can happen anytime at any place. Some of those accidents are minor and require little attention. However, some accidents can be fatal and cause you personal injury, emotional stress and damage to your vehicle. In such a case you need a personal injury lawyer to handle any law suit and insurance claim.

A good personal injury lawyer has knowledge of legal procedures and will carry out the necessary paperwork, deal with your insurer for compensation and negotiate for necessary expertise. Whereas not all claims require the intervention of a personal injury lawyer, the following cases necessitate you to hire one:

Substantial Claim

Though not all accidents and injuries require a lawyer, you might decide that your accident is too complicated to handle without a personal injury lawyer. This is due to legal or technical complexities that you might not be able to understand and handle.

You may also have severe or disabling injuries which would entitle you to huge amounts of compensation. In such a case, having a personal injury lawyer would ensure that you maximize the compensation. Your case may not be complicated but still feel the need to have a personal injury lawyer in case you do not wish to handle the matter yourself.

Disagreements with Your Insurer

In some cases, you may be in a position to handle the case on your own but still need a personal injury lawyer when you have disagreements with your insurer. The insurance company looks to minimize claim as much as possible while you look to receive maximum compensation. In some cases, the insurance company may even refuse to offer any compensation.

Your insurer may claim that your policy does not cover the type of accident you suffered. In other cases, they may insist that the accident was as a result of fault in your part, in which case, you are not entitled to compensation. In such cases, a personal injury lawyer will come in handy to ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

Pain and Suffering Damages

Accidents inflict pain, suffering and psychological stress to the victim. It is important that you receive compensation for any emotional stress and physical pain suffered as a result of an accident. For this reason, you will need a personal injury lawyer who will make sure you get the full spectrum of the compensation you are entitled to.

Seemingly Minor Injuries

Even with minor injuries, contacting a personal injury lawyer may be a smart move. This is because some minor injuries may turn out to be worse than you imagined. It would be unfortunate if you had already settled the claim and accepted a settlement offer. A personal injury lawyer will advise you to wait until you are sure of the full extent of your injuries.

When hiring personal injury lawyers, make sure to discuss the contingency fee; that is, the percentage of compensation the lawyer receives out of your settlement award.